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Testimonials: Testimonials

The Galactic Astrology Report by Julita was incredibly accurate, I feel like she was truly able to get into the essence of me. There were themes that came up that I innately know are a deep part of my personality and vibe, yet to she away from because its a part of me that I find difficult to accept and live with without overthinking and stressing out. And yet, from Julita's reading, I realize that embracing this shadow side may actually be the key to me progressing toward my dreams. I am really impressed and look forward to working with Julita in the future!

Anna C.

Thank you very much for my report. It was really wonderful reading it. It is very uncannyI found a lot of things you had touched on, not very many people know about as it is quite personal. But after knowing that you did not get any information on who I was and were only going by the stars was remarkable. A few things touched me deeply and were very accurate, in some way i did sound better that i think I am. Thank you once again for the reading and you do have a great talent and are very insightful onto the world of the stars.

Kavita V.

I absolutely love my galactic astrology report. Julita definitely has the knowledge and love for astrology. Through the reading i was able to comprehend why certain situations have occurred in my life, which was something I always struggled to understand. I now have a deeper understanding of myself and this will help me as guide to better navigate my future. My favorite part of the reading was that what I always believed to be my purpose was confirmed and resonated with me through the reading. I am so happy I had this report done. I was truly impressed.

Marilyn W.

“All I have to say is that from the moment I met Julita I knew she was the real deal. There are so many scammers and floofs out there but Julita is not one of them. Not only is she wildly knowledgeable in her field, but she delivers the highest professionalism and compassion. For me she went above and beyond, taking time to walk me through my chart line by line, giving me her full attention and expert opinion. I was simply left with goosebumps. I felt so seen and it really soothed my soul and all my internal questions I sometimes have found myself with over the years. I will be recommending everyone to seek Julita for her fabulous services!”

Haley G.

Julita did an amazing job! I resonated with the reading on so many levels. Julita was spot on about many aspects of my personality. I also gained some very useful insights in a few areas regarding my soul purpose. The information about my star origin and other incarnations was extremely interesting! Julita is truly gifted!

Shelby W.

I feel honoured and grateful for the opportunity to have galactic astrology session with Julita. Her professional, kind and humble approach made me feel trustful and open-minded to information I received. What I especially appreciate is that I was given not only my soul journey information but also practical guidance that provided clarity for my future development based on deeper self-awareness. I would highly recommend Julita for her great intuitive skills and kind, warm approach.

Natalia P.

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