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About Myself

Looking To The Stars

My name is Julita. I currently live in Chicago. I enjoy reading, learning new things, meditating, practicing Qigong, being in nature, traveling, alternative medicine, creating, expending my mind/consciousness, questioning everything, challenging myself, growing, and laughing.

I am an empathetic, highly sensitive person, and my human design is a manifestor. I am a highly intuitive and I have a natural ability to sense people's needs.

I strongly feel that my purpose in this lifetime is to heal, guide and provide insight for as many people as possible. I care deeply about the planet Earth, animals, people and their well being and I know that my gift has and will continue to inspire, guide and heal. 

Throughout the years, I faced many challenges only to realize I had been given a unique gift I could not ignore. This led me to the divine calling of using this gift for the greater good.

My experience as a life coach led me to this path as a quantum soul guidance practitioner. I uniquely integrate this wisdom as well as my intuition while guiding you on your path. Thank you! 

ox Julita


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Sun Gazing 

“Life is a school, where you learn how to remember what your soul already knows.”

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